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Job Title Department Location
Relationship Manager and Co-Lending Business Chennai/Bangalore
Senior Associate Sales Chennai
Senior Associate Business Chennai
Senior Associate Sustainability and Impact and Business Mumbai
Senior Associate Sales Chennai
Senior Associate Business Bangalore
Senior Associate Sustainability and Impact and Business Mumbai

The Six pack Values That Keep Us In Shape For Business

The values that keep our brand going strong and instill the importance of ethical business relationships.



We are passionate about all things finance, and ensure our customers get the best end of the deal.


Client Centricity

Creating loyalty by making customers the focal point of all business decisions and deliverables.



Flexible work methods that allow our key stakeholders our employees to meet business goals.


Work Ethic

We maintain a clean bill of work ethics that is mimicked from management to execution.


Honesty & Integrity

Building sustainable business partnerships through honesty and integrity in every aspect.



All our engagements and transactions are completely transparent, a value that is vital in Finance.


How does Vivriti promote employee well-being?

At Vivriti, Health and safety of our employees are the primary priorities. We provide nutritious and wholesome food and beverage options. This approach promotes a healthy diet and keeps our team energized and focused throughout the day. We organize regular sporting and recreation activities round the year, allowing employees to engage in physical activities, unwind, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. We organize various events (Marathons, Sports Contests, Yoga, Health Talks, Fitness Sessions, etc.) aimed at enhancing overall health and well-being, ensuring our team members have the tools and knowledge to lead healthy, fulfilling lives both inside and outside of work.

What types of benefits does Vivriti offer to employees apart from fixed compensation?

Vivriti is dedicated to the well-being of its employees and offers a range of benefits categorized across Professional Development Benefits, Financial Benefits, Gender Equity Benefits and Security. Under professional development benefits we provide educational grants, to pursue higher education and professional development allowance to enhance their skills. As part of Security benefits, we provide Group Medical insurance, Personal Life Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance. As part of Gender Equity Benefits, we provide a myriad of benefits ranging from Monthly menstrual leaves, surrogacy leave, extended maternity leave, to miscarriage support and reproductive health benefits. As part of Financial benefits, we provide Interest-free loans of up to INR 10 Lacs, Car Lease provisions, Childcare allowance, Relocation allowance, Free Lunch and snacks for our employees.

How does Vivriti recognize and reward high performance?

Recognizing outstanding performance is a core value at Vivriti. We offer a comprehensive rewards system that includes components divided across Bonuses and ESOPs (Employee Stock Options) as a part of our reward mechanism. Our ESOP program ensures that critical employees have the opportunity to benefit from the long-term success of the company. Vivriti is the first tech focused NBFC and asset manager that has provided ESOP liquidity in the last 15 years. We believe in celebrating excellence on a company-wide scale. We host annual awards ceremonies to honour our top performers, providing them with well-deserved recognition in front of the entire Vivriti community. In addition to tangible rewards, we believe in fostering professional growth. Performance excellence is rewarded with quick growth. High performers are offered lateral growth and higher responsibilities. Vivriti opens the doors to a significantly richer career trajectory to those who excel.

How does Vivriti support employee career growth and development?

At Vivriti, we are committed to nurturing the professional growth of our employees. We offer various avenues for career development, including Professional Development Allowances, Education Grants, and training programs. We also have a career management framework that maps out the entire career journey for any employee who joins us. These opportunities empower our team members to excel and reach their full potential in their careers. Team members have a chance to have an accelerated career growth. This involves taking on higher-level responsibilities, assuming leadership roles, and spearheading critical projects. This equips them with the experiences and skills necessary for swift and meaningful career progression. This accelerated growth trajectory sets our high achievers on a path towards unparalleled success, outpacing the opportunities available in many other companies or industries.

What recreational facilities does Vivriti provide in its office?

Vivriti is dedicated to creating an engaging workplace environment. Our office is equipped with various recreational options, including a fully equipped Gym, Table Tennis, Carrom, Turf area with Cricket and Football facilities, Pool table, Foosball, and other interactive games and activities. These facilities are designed to promote a balanced work-life dynamic and foster team interactions.

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